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Much thanks to the following organizations
for their sponsorship or endorsment:

Environment: Sierra Club Bay Area Chapter,  Toxic Links Coalition,  Communities for a Better Environment,  The Fund for Animals, Action for Animals,  In Defense of Animals,  Bay Area Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, Dioxin Action.

Health: Endometriosis Association,  The Breast Cancer Fund, Health in Common, Cancer Support and Education Center, Healing Journeys, Wellness Community.

Healing and the Mind: The Academy for Guided Imagery, Institute of Noetic Sciences, California Institute for Integrative Medicine, Earthlight Magazine, C.G. Jung Institute San Francisco.

Related Links:

Alliance for the Wild Rockies   www.wildrockies.org
Appalachian Bear Center   www.appbears.org
BEARS and Other Top Predators   www.bearsmag.com
Breast Cancer Fund   www.breastcancerfund.org
Brown and Grizzly Bears   www.nature-net.com/bears
Citizens For A Better Environment   www.cbecal.org
Dan Middleton's Bear Den   www.nature-net.com/bears
EARTH VISION   Spiritual ecology -
taking nature to a new level
Earthlight Magazine   www.earthlight.org
Endometriosis Association   www.EndometriosisAssn.org
Health In Common   www.healthincommon.org
In Defense of Animals   www.idausa.org
North American Bear Center   www.bear.org
The Amercian Grizzly Bear   http://home.att.net/~jrmusgrove
Toxic Links Coalition   www.flash.net/~dlscism/toxiclinks
Vital Ground Foundation   www.vitalground.org
Wild Hearts Bear -FAQ   www.wildhearts.org/bears.html
Yellowstone's Bears   www.yellowstone-bearman.com/bearman
Wildlife Need Habitat Off-Limits To Humans!   http://home.pacbell.net/mjvande


"Send Word, Bear Mother"
received an award from the Earthvision Environmental Film Festival, was featured on the front cover of the summer issue of Earthlight Magazine, was screened at the national conference called Kinship With All Life:  Our Sacred Relationship With Animals and Nature sponsored by the S.P.C.A. and the Humane Society.  It was screened at the California Academy of Sciences.  You can refer to this page in the website for the upcoming screenings.  They will be listed here.

The movie has an accompanying study guide which focuses upon healing and the imagination --- and the use of healing images like animal spirit guides.  This study guide can be used by healing practitioners and by those who are interested in a serious journey to healing.  When you purchase the video, a study guide is included.

Related Subjects: Women, women's health, health effects of persistent environmental pollutants, wildlife protection and preservation, endangered species,  healing and the mind, shamanism and shamanic journies, bear websites.

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