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"Send Word, Bear Mother" is based on the true story of its original author and principal performer Helen Stoltzfus --- an accomplished actor, writer, teacher, and Co-Artistic Director of A Traveling Jewish Theatre.

Helen was afflicted with endometriosis, an immune disorder that may cause infertility, and which affects millions of women worldwide, 5 million in the U.S. alone.

Frustrated by years of misdiagnosis and mistreatment, she  joined a support group for people with life-threatening illness, where she discovered a mother bear spirit during a routine therapeutic exercise in imagination and healing.    She began having profound, involuntary imaginative healing experiences with that grizzly bear spirit, in fantasy and dream.

Even though she was an intellectual and a skeptic, she was just desperate enough to surrender to these unsummoned visitations.

Her visualizations strengthened her enough to motivate her to visit one more specialist, in an effort to get pregnant.  When Helen was finally correctly diagnosed and treated by that physician, the doctor told her that endometriosis is linked to environmental toxics - dioxin in particular.

New research is confirming research already done, on this link between dioxin,  PCB and endometriosis.   Research is also confirming the greater vulnerability of women with endometriosis to developing cancers.

The Bear Mother called her to Alaska for a face-to-face confrontation.  Helen went to Alaska, and found that bears everywhere are threatened by the same toxics perilous to humans, including dioxin.  She came to understand the larger implications of her  profound connection with the grizzly bear spirit.  She realized the critical danger to both humans and bears of the disappearance of healthy wilderness, and the spread of industrial toxins.

She then returned to the city, got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter.  What came from Helen's "vision quest" was a deep integration of  scientific facts with the power of imagination, ecological knowledge and physical healing.

That is the story told in "Send Word, Bear Mother" - whose title is taken from a Native American Sioux healing chant.

Helen Stoltzfus created a one woman performance piece about her journey, and the movie was adapted from that piece.  Helen plays the role of the Woman in the movie.

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