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Behind the SCENES
"Send Word, Bear Mother" features awesome sequences depicting the relationship between the Woman and the grizzly Bear Mother spirit guide.  The role of Bear Mother was played by two young golden grizzlies who are beloved family members of Wasatch Rocky Mountain Wildlife in Utah. Their names are Tank and Bubba.

Producer-director Lynn Feinerman,
co-producer-actor Helen Stoltzfus, and their crew travelled to Utah to work with Wasatch and the bears.  You can preview one of the sequences with the bears at this site, in a ten minute segment from the movie itself.  Just click here and follow the instructions.    

Interwoven into the final credits of this movie is a mini -documentary about how the work with the bears was done.  So, if you order the movie, you'll be able to see that.   The work with the grizzly bears was the most challenging part of making  "Send Word, Bear Mother".  And the bears surprised everyone working on the movie, even Wasatch Rocky Mountain Wildlife's Doug and Lynne Seus --- with their genuine ability to act!

Most of the work that the bears had done previous to their work with the Crown Sephira Productions crew for "Send Word, Bear Mother" was "the usual" -growling, staring into the camera, running.  But for this movie the bears had to be able to wrestle, dance, nurse --- and they were both males!

They also had to be able to respond with emotion to the Woman, and when you see the movie you'll see they came through like troupers!

The movie was produced and directed by Lynn Feinerman, a San Francisco  independent writer and film maker who's concentrated on issue-driven movies about ecology and peacebuilding. Her movies have won numerous awards, been featured on public television and cable, and are in extensive educational distribution.  Lynn co-wrote the screenplay with Helen Stoltzfus, who created the original play on which the movie is based.  The movie tells Helen's true story.  Helen is an actor, writer, teacher, and Co-Artistic Director of A Traveling Jewish Theatre.  She plays herself in the movie --- reliving her own harrowing experience!

The movie was filmed by two great directors of photography.  Robert Dalva was a cinematographer on the original "Black Stallion" and directed "Black Stallion 2".  Rick Fichter has worked on special effects camera and cinematography for numerous films for Lucasfilm, Ltd.  Rick and his awesome camera assistant Mike Bienstock are featured here in some of the production stills from the shoot in Utah.

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